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Mrs. Parisa Jourabchi Amirkhizi| Industrial Deisgn| Best Researcher Award

Tabriz Islamic Art University, Iran

Parisa Jourabchi Amirkhizi 🎨

Parisa Jourabchi Amirkhizi is a dedicated Ph.D. candidate in Industrial Design at Tabriz Islamic Art University, Iran, with a focus on advancing the field since 2023. Her academic journey began with a Bachelor’s in Industrial Design (2009-2013), where she designed equipment for play and entertainment for the youth in parks, earning her a GPA of (16.63/20). This laid the foundation for her Master’s in Industrial Design (2016-2019), during which she developed a tool for personality evaluation in products using Iranian archetypes. Under the guidance of Dr. Shahab Pourtalebi, she achieved an outstanding GPA of (19.30/20).

Parisa’s research interests span across Industrial Design, Design Economy, Design Management, Industry 5.0, and Applied AI. Her commitment to exploring the intersection of design and technology is reflected in her ongoing doctoral research.

Aside from her academic pursuits, Parisa Jourabchi Amirkhizi is an active member of the scholarly community, with a presence on ResearchGate, Google Scholar, and Linkedin. She can be reached at p.jurabchi@gmail.com or contacted directly at +989144357646.


🎓 Ph.D. candidate of Industrial Design
🏛️ Tabriz Islamic Art University, Iran
📚 M.A. in Industrial Design, GPA: 19.30/20
🎨 B.A. in Industrial Design, GPA: 16.63/20
🔍 Research Interests: Industrial Design, Design Economy, Design Management, Industry 5.0, Applied AI.

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Research Focus 📚

Parisa Jourabchi Amirkhizi, a distinguished scholar in Industrial Design, has a multifaceted research focus that spans various dimensions of design and innovation. Her work delves into the transformative realm of Industry & Society 5.0, exploring shifts in value paradigms. Investigating the intersection of design thinking and startup challenges, she contributes to the Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Additionally, Parisa addresses environmental concerns by applying design management strategies to promote green industry innovation.

Her studies extend to the emotional impact of product form in diverse cultures, as evident in the Journal of Marketing Communications. Furthermore, she collaborates on practical applications, such as an optimal design method for orthopaedic footwear insole customization and exploring metaphor design’s role in brand identity promotion.

In essence, Parisa Jourabchi Amirkhizi’s research portfolio reflects a commitment to advancing design principles, innovation strategies, and the societal impact of industrial design across various domains.

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Mrs. Parisa Jourabchi Amirkhizi| Industrial Deisgn| Best Researcher Award

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