Prof. Angela Lu | Management information | Best Researcher Award

Prof . Angela  Lu, City University of Hong Kong,Hong Kong

Dr. Angela Lu is a distinguished professor at City University, recognized for her expertise in [insert field or specialty]. With a robust background in [mention specific areas of expertise or research interests], she has contributed significantly to both academia and industry. Dr. Lu’s research endeavors have been published in prestigious journals and have garnered recognition for their innovative approaches and impactful findings.

Professional Profiles 



Ph.D. in Sociology, Stanford University, 2018,M.A., Stanford University, 2011,B.A., Fudan University, 2009

Teaching Experience

Data Visualization,Research Methods for the IS Manager.,Global Business Systems Strategy & ,Research Seminars (PhD),Social Networks (undergraduate)…

Grants :

General Research Fund (GRF), University Grants Committee of Hong Kong,National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC),Public Policy Research Fund (PPR),Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF).,

Professional Service:

Board member, Business College Board, City University of Hong Kong.,Ad hoc reviewer for various academic journals and conferences…This comprehensive profile highlights Dr. Angela Lu’s significant contributions to academia, her extensive research portfolio, teaching experience, and involvement in professional service.

Selected Journal Publications:

  • “Growing User Base in the Early Stage of Digital Sharing Economy Platforms…”
  • “Political Network Contingency: Political Connection and Career Mobility in the Chinese Bureaucracy…”
  • “The Dynamics of Collapse in an Authoritarian Regime…”
  • “After State Socialism: Regime Change and Transformational Recessions…”
Angela Lu | Management information | Best Researcher Award

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