Dr. Masoud Sarraf | Surface Engineering | Best Researcher Award

Dr. Masoud Sarraf, University of Malaya, Malaysia

Dr. Masoud Sarraf is a distinguished researcher and lecturer at the University of Malaya, Malaysia, and Sharif University of Technology, Iran. With a B.Eng in Mechanical Engineering (2010) and a Ph.D. in Engineering (Advanced Materials/Nanomaterials) from the University of Malaya (2017), he has contributed significantly to the field. His research interests span advanced materials, nanofabrication, and their applications in areas like biomedical implants and solar cells. Dr. Sarraf has authored over 30 publications, boasting an H-index of 20 with 1090 citations. His dynamic career includes post-doctoral roles, extensive teaching experience, and impactful contributions to diverse research projects. 🚀🔬

Career Highlights:

Dr. Sarraf commenced his academic career in 2017 at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Malaya, and later joined the Materials Science and Engineering Department at Sharif University of Technology in 2020. With an H-index of 20 and over 1090 citations, he has authored/co-authored 30+ publications in international journals and proceedings.

Research Interests:

His research spans Advanced Materials/Nanomaterials, focusing on Surface Engineering, Nanofabrication, and Advanced Manufacturing. Dr. Sarraf’s work delves into applications like biomedical implants and solar cells, aiming to bridge fundamental research with real-world solutions.

Work Experience:

Currently serving as a University Lecturer at the University of Malaya since May 2022. Previously, he held the position of Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at Sharif University of Technology (March 2020–March 2022), contributing to projects on implantable drug delivery systems and nanotubular antibacterial structures.


Ph.D. in Engineering (Advanced Materials/Nanomaterial), University of Malaya, Malaysia (2014–2017). Master’s in Mechanical Engineering, University of Malaya, Malaysia (2011–2013). Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering (Heat and Fluid), Islamic Azad University, Iran (2004–2010).

Teaching Experience:

With a passion for education, Dr. Sarraf has taught various courses, including Manufacturing Technology, Fluid Mechanics, and Advanced Surface Engineering, demonstrating a commitment to both research and pedagogy.

Skills and Achievements:

His skills span Nanosurface Engineering, Thin Film Processing, Hybrid Manufacturing, Physicochemical Characterizations, and Bioassays. Dr. Sarraf has successfully secured numerous research grants, published high-impact articles, and received scholarships and honorariums.

Professional Profiles:

The impact of her research is evident in citation metrics and indices from Google Scholar:

  • Cited by: All – 1264.
  • Citations – 1264.
  • h-index – 20.
  • Documents – 40.

A prolific researcher making meaningful contributions to the academic world!

Research Focus: 🧪🔬

Dr. Masoud Sarraf’s prolific contributions span a diverse spectrum, showcasing a keen interest in sustainable energy and advanced materials. His impactful research encompasses the global policy of rural electrification, exploring renewable energy policies for sustainable development in Cambodia. Dr. Sarraf has significantly contributed to the thermal sciences with studies on thermal conductivity estimation using artificial neural networks and exergetic analysis of solar thermal power systems. In the realm of advanced materials, his work delves into the fabrication and characteristics of titanium and its alloys for biomedical applications. Notably, he explores nanomechanical properties, wear resistance, and in-vitro characterizations of various nanotubular coatings, demonstrating a commitment to advancing materials for enhanced functionality. 🌱⚙️

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Masoud Sarraf | Surface Engineering | Best Researcher Award

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