Mr. Syed Muhammad Anas Ibrahim | AI-Driven Design | Best Researcher Award

Mr.Syed Muhammad Anas Ibrahim ,Sogang university,South Korea

Mr. Syed Muhammad Anas Ibrahim is currently pursuing his graduate studies at Sogang University in South Korea. With a strong foundation in his field, he is dedicated to advancing his knowledge and expertise.His academic journey is marked by a commitment to excellence and a keen interest in [specific field or subjects of interest, if known], making significant contributions through his research and projects. Mr. Ibrahim’s dedication to his studies at Sogang University reflects his passion for innovation and academic achievement.


Professional Profiles:


Education :

M.Eng Optical Engineering
Institute: Sejong University, South Korea (2017-2019)
Title: Spatio-temporal analysis of modes in plasmonic waveguide structures
GPA: 4.5/4.5,B.S Engineering Sciences (Specialization in Lasers and Optoelectronics)
Institute: GIK Institute, Pakistan (2011-2015),GPA: 3.24/4

Professional Experience:

Internship,Company: Ericsson, Pakistan
Duration: July-August 2014,Company: Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd.
Duration: December 2016,Research Experience,Institute: Sejong University, Nano Quantum Engineering Laboratory,Duration: September 2017-July 2019,Teaching Experience,Institute: Sogang University, Department of Mechanical Engineering,Courses: Dynamics and Experiment Design,Responsibilities: Class record management and design of laboratory experiments using Arduino and MATLAB,Duration: September 2022-January 2023

Research Focus:

  • Optical Engineering
  • Plasmonic Waveguide Structures
  • Acoustic Resonators
  • Phononic,Crystals
  • Machine Learning in Material Science


MATLAB, Passed Associate Level Exam of Math Works ,Earned Badge and Certification ,Foundation Level Badge and Certification, COMSOL Multiphysics, Acoustic Module, Structural Mechanics Module,  LaTeX Master Thesis Writing

Academic Honors and Certifications:

Sejong University Scholarship,Dean’s Honor List, Spring 2015,Government of Punjab Merit Scholarship,Darmasiswa Scholarship by Indonesian Government, 2016,MathWorks Academy Certificates


Publications :

  • S. Muhammad, A. Ibrahim, and K. Kim, “Light-trapping modes in lossy plasmonic waveguides,” AIP Advances, vol. 065205, June 2019.
  • Ibrahim, S.M., Park, J., “Design of enlarged phononic bandgap 2.5D acoustic resonator via active learning and non-gradient optimization,” Micro and Nano Systems Letters, 12, 10 (2024).
  • Design of enlarged phononic bandgap 2.5D acoustic resonator via active learning and non-gradient optimization,” KMEMS 2024, Jeju, South Korea.
  • “Geometric optimization of cellular 2D phononic crystal: A non-gradient algorithm-based approach,” MNS 2023, Jeju, South Korea.
  • “Design and simulation 1-D phononic crystal with piezoelectric defect layer,” KMEMS 2023, Jeju, South Korea.
  • “3D Phononic Crystal-based pH Sensor Advanced with Machine Learning,” BioRob 2022, Seoul, South Korea.
  • “3D phononic based pH sensing and its expedited classification via deep neural networks,” MicroTAS 2022, Hangzhou, China.
  • “Expedited prediction of phononic crystal response using machine learning,” KMEMS 2022, Jeju, South Korea.
  • “Theoretical and Experimental Evidence for the Existence of Bandgap in Hydrogel-SiO2 Composite based Phononic Crystals and Its Application as pH Sensor,” ICCE-Asia 2021, South Korea.
  • “Analysis of light trapping modes in lossy nano-gap waveguides,” Nanokorea 2019, Seoul, South Korea.
  • “Analysis of Non-Propagating Modes for Light Trapping in Plasmonic Waveguides,” 23rd OptoElectronics and Communications Conference (OECC 2018), Jeju, South Korea.
Syed Muhammad Anas Ibrahim | AI-Driven Design | Best Researcher Award

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