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Dr.Roya Koshani ,Pennsylvania State University,United States

Dr. Roya Koshani is a distinguished academic figure affiliated with Pennsylvania State University in the United States. With a profound expertise in her field, Dr. Koshani is recognized for her contributions to [mention her field of study or specialization, e.g., psychology, sociology, engineering, etc.]. Throughout her career, she has made significant strides in advancing knowledge and understanding in her respective domain, garnering respect and admiration from peers and students alike. Dr. Koshani’s dedication to research, teaching, and mentorship has left a lasting impact, shaping the future of her field and inspiring the next generation of scholars.

Professional Profiles:

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Education and Professional Experience:

Team Lead and Postdoctoral Scholar, Bio-Soft Materials (B-SMaL) Laboratory, The Pennsylvania State University, USA,Leading projects on engineering new generations of anti-antibiotic biomaterials.,Supervising industry projects focused on metal separation technology and tissue-mimetic multi-materials.Medical Innovation Fellow, Center for Medical Innovations, College of Medicine, The Pennsylvania State University, USAConducting research on eliminating unproductive chemotherapy drugs to mitigate side effects.

Team Lead and Postdoctoral Researcher, Advanced Bio-Based Materials Laboratory, McGill University, Canada,Led projects on the production and characterization of hairy nanocellulose particles.,Collaborated with industry partners on engineering cellulosic packed beds for water systems.Research Scholar, Department of Chemistry, McGill University, Canada,Investigated the structural chirality of hairy nanocelluloses.

Ph.D. in Food Chemistry

  • Joint program between University of Tehran, Iran, and McGill University, Canada.
  • Thesis focused on carboxylated cellulose nanocrystals as green nanocarriers.

Research Specializations :

Expertise in soft matter engineering, including aerogels, hydrogels, emulsions, colloids, polymers, and more.,Specialized in biomaterials and bio-based materials synthesis, functionalization, and characterization.,Proficient in microbiology techniques, cell cultivation, and in vivo experiments.,Skilled in nanofiller synthesis, electrospinning, spray drying, and 3D printing.,Experienced in microfluidics, bioconjugation techniques, and protein-related assays.

Industrial and Grant Experience:

  • Assisted in drafting successful grant proposals for NSF, NIH, and NSERC-Alliance.
  • Reviewed manuscripts for several prestigious journals and served as a guest editor for Bioresources and Bioprocessing.

Teaching and Leadership Experience :

Served as a teaching assistant for courses in colloid chemistry and advanced experimentation techniques.,Mentored and supervised over 50 researchers and students at undergraduate and graduate levels.,Demonstrated strong leadership skills through roles as team lead, award committee member, and workshop organizer.


  1. Ultrasound-assisted preparation of different nanocarriers loaded with food bioactive ingredients
    R Koshani, SM Jafari
    Advances in Colloid and Interface Science 270, 123-146
  2. A viewpoint on the gastrointestinal fate of cellulose nanocrystals
    R Koshani, A Madadlou
    Trends in Food Science & Technology 71, 268-273
  3. Characterization of carboxylated cellulose nanocrytals isolated through catalyst-assisted H2O2 oxidation in a one-step procedure
    R Koshani, TGM van de Ven, A Madadlou
    Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 66 (29), 7692-7700
  4. Optimization of thermal and thermosonication treatments on pectin methyl esterase inactivation of sour orange juice (Citrus aurantium)
    R Koshani, E Ziaee, M Niakousari, MT Golmakani
    Journal of Food Processing and Preservation 39 (6), 567-573
  5. Cellulose-based dispersants and flocculants
    R Koshani, M Tavakolian, TGM van de Ven
    Journal of Materials Chemistry B 8 (46), 10502-10526
  6. Production and properties of tragacanthin-conjugated lysozyme as a new multifunctional biopolymer
    R Koshani, M Aminlari, M Niakosari, A Farahnaky, G Mesbahi
    Food Hydrocolloids 47, 69-78
  7. Chemical compositions and antibacterial activities of five selected aromatic plants essential oils against food-borne pathogens and spoilage bacteria
    M Moosavi-Nasab, M Jamal Saharkhiz, E Ziaee, F Moayedi, R Koshani, …
    Journal of Essential Oil Research 28 (3), 241-251
  8. Natural emulgel from dialdehyde cellulose for lipophilic drug delivery
    R Koshani, M Tavakolian, TGM van de Ven
    ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering
  9. Modified hairy nanocrystalline cellulose as photobactericidal nanofillers for food packaging application
    R Koshani, J Zhang, TGM van de Ven, X Lu, Y Wang
    ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering
  10. Carboxylated cellulose nanocrystals developed by Cu-assisted H2O2 oxidation as green nanocarriers for efficient lysozyme immobilization
    R Koshani, TGM van de Ven
    Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 68 (21), 5938-5950
  11. Carboxylated cellulose nanocrystals developed by Cu-assisted H2O2 oxidation as green nanocarriers for efficient lysozyme immobilization
    R Koshani, TGM van de Ven
    Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 68 (21), 5938-5950
  12. Synthesis and characterization of hairy aminated nanocrystalline cellulose
    R Koshani, JE Eiyegbenin, Y Wang, TGM van de Ven
    Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 607, 134-144
  13. Antibacterial Pickering emulsions stabilized by bifunctional hairy nanocellulose
    M Tavakolian, R Koshani, N Tufenkji, TGM van de Ven
    Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 643, 328-339
Roya Koshani | environment applications |Women Researcher Award

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