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Assoc Prof Dr. Ahmed Abozeid| Industrial engineering| Best Researcher Award 

Assoc Prof Dr at Information Management Department,Higher Technological Institute, Cairo, Egypt

👤 [Assist Prof Dr. Ahmed Abozeid]

🔹 Current Position: Engagement Consultant (07/2022 – Present)

  • Trusted consultant collaborating with partners to optimize channel development.
  • Increase platform usage and adoption of content creator tools.
  • Connect customer needs to key platform features, handling a high volume of clients through various communication channels.
  • Portfolio management, prioritization, and ongoing client follow-up.

Professional Profiles:

Citations   830
h-index      10
i10-index   10

🔹 Previous Researcher in Data Science, MAJIC LAB (07/2022 – Current)

  • Designed research studies, gathered and curated data, and applied statistical and machine learning techniques.
  • Developed algorithms, conducted experiments, and published findings.
  • Collaborated with internal and external stakeholders.

🔹 Previous Position: Technical Support, Teleperformance PT (08/03/2021 – 08/2022)

  • Implemented optimization solutions for Facebook Ads projects.
  • Analyzed data, created reports, and identified opportunities for sales teams.
  • Maintained excellent customer service and demonstrated innovation in operational processes.

🔹 Previous Position: Data Scientist, ADENE Agency PT (05/2020 – 05/2021)

🔹 Academic Background:

  • Ph.D. in Information Systems (Data Science) from Nova IMS, Lisbon, Portugal (09/2019 – Current).
  • Ph.D. in Information Systems from Mansoura University, Egypt (11/2013 – 02/2019).
  • Master’s in Information Systems from Sadat Academy for Management Science, Egypt (15/02/2009 – 15/06/2013).
  • B.Sc. in Information Systems from Sadat Academy for Management Science, Egypt (15/09/2003 – 20/06/2007).

🔹 Teaching Experience: Assistant Professor & Assistant Lecturer (02/2019 – 10/2019 & 19/04/2014 – 01/2019)

  • Taught undergraduate and graduate courses in information systems.
  • Engaged in independent and collaborative research.
  • Advised and mentored students, contributed to curriculum development, and participated in administrative duties.

🔹 Early Career: Teaching Assistant (17/01/2009 – 19/04/2014)

  • Assisted faculty members in lectures, supported students, graded assignments, and facilitated labs.
  • Involved in course preparation, communication, and coordination.

🔹 Languages:

  • Mother tongue: Arabic
  • Other languages: [Specify if available]

🔹 Continuous Learning:

  • Pursuing a Ph.D. in Information Management to contribute to knowledge and innovation in the field.

🔹 Interests:

  • Passionate about data science, information systems, and leveraging technology for problem-solving.
  • Actively engages in professional development, staying updated with the latest advancements in the field.

🌟 Summary:

  • Accomplished Engagement Consultant and Data Scientist with a strong academic background and a proven track record in research, teaching, and industry. Adept at leveraging data science for solving complex problems, optimizing platforms, and driving innovation. Passionate about continuous learning and contributing to the advancement of knowledge in the field of information management.

🎓 Publications Top Note:


Assist Prof Dr. Ahmed Abozeid| Industrial engineering| Best Researcher Award

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