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Dr. Furkan Cakmak| Computer Aided Design in Mechanical Engineering| Best Researcher Award

Dr at YildizTechnicalUniversity, Turkey

Dr. Furkan Çakmak is a distinguished academic associated with Yildiz Technical University. With a strong background in his field, Dr. Çakmak has made noteworthy contributions to academia through research, teaching, and scholarly pursuits. His expertise encompasses a range of topics, reflecting a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. As a faculty member at Yildiz Technical University, Dr. Çakmak plays a crucial role in shaping the academic landscape and fostering the intellectual growth of students. His dedication to excellence is evident in both his academic achievements and his commitment to advancing knowledge in his respective field. Dr. Furkan Çakmak’s presence at Yildiz Technical University undoubtedly enriches the institution’s academic environment and contributes to its reputation as a center for learning and research.

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Citations   –  181

h-index      –   7

i10-index    –  5


Dr. Furkan Çakmak’s academic journey reflects a steadfast commitment to computer science and a pursuit of excellence in education. He earned his Doctorate in Computer Engineering from Yildiz Technical University, Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences, Turkey, spanning the years 2014 to 2023. During this extensive doctoral program, Dr. Çakmak delved deep into the intricacies of computer engineering, showcasing his dedication to advancing knowledge in this field. Prior to his Ph.D., he completed his Postgraduate studies in Computer Engineering at Yildiz Technical University from 2013 to 2014, laying the groundwork for his doctoral research. His undergraduate education, a critical phase in his academic journey, took place at Yildiz Technical University’s Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from 2007 to 2013. Additionally, Dr. Çakmak participated in an Erasmus Programme at Linköping University in 2011, focusing on Computer Science, which added an international dimension to his academic experience. This diverse educational background demonstrates Dr. Furkan Çakmak’s comprehensive understanding of computer science and his dedication to academic pursuits at both the national and international levels.

Dr. Furkan Cakmak | Computer Aided Design in Mechanical Engineering| Best Researcher Award

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