Ms . Wenping Luo | fluid- structure imteraction| Best Researcher Award

 Ms . Wenping Luo ,wuhan university of technology,China

Ms. Wenping Luo is a distinguished academic at Wuhan University of Technology in China. She is recognized for her contributions to her field of expertise, which include notable research and academic publications. At Wuhan University of Technology, she is involved in both teaching and research, contributing to the academic community with her innovative work. Her research interests and publications reflect her dedication and commitment to advancing knowledge and education.


Professional Profiles:

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Education :

2016.9 – 2020.6: Bachelor in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, Wuhan University of Technology

  • Thesis Title: Load and Structural Response of Single Module of Semi-Submersible VLFS
  • Award: ‘Three-A’ Model Student, 2019

2020.9 – Present: Master of Naval Architecture and Ocean Structure, Wuhan University of Technology

  • Thesis Title: Study of Load and Structural Response Characteristics of a Floating Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
  • GPA: 4.1/5.0
  • Rank: 6/90
  • Award: ‘Three-A’ Model Student, 2021

Work Experience:

2019.9: Practice at Jiang Nan Shipbuilding Corporation, Shanghai, China

2020.7 – 2020.9: Practice at COSCO Shipping Corporation, Nantong, China

Research  Experience:

  • Study Focus: Viscous-Flow Hydroelasto-Plastic Methods for Solving Structural Collapse Problems of Ships under Waves
  • Approach: Coupling of Viscous-Flow CFD Technology and Nonlinear FEM Method to Solve Hydroelasto-Plastic Problems in Ships
  • Methodology: Comparison of One-Way and Two-Way Coupling Schemes

Publications 📚

    1. Weiqin Liu, Wenping Luo, Meng Yang, Tianyu Xia, Yu Huang, Shangming Wang, Jun Leng, Ye Li. (2022). Development of a Fully Coupled Numerical Hydroelasto-Plastic Approach for Offshore Structure. Ocean Engineering, 258: 111713.
    2. Weiqin Liu, Wenping Luo, Ding Zhang, Ye Li. (2022). Research on Load Characteristics of Floating VAWT Considering Coupling of Aerodynamics and Hydrodynamics. In: Proceedings of the 32nd International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference (ISOPE), June 5-10, Shanghai, China.
    3. Wenping Luo, Meng Yang, Hongxu Wang, Weiqin Liu. (2022). Research on the Optimization of the Section Structure of Container Ship Based on Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm and Finite Element Strength Calculation. Chinese Journal of Ship Research. (in Chinese)
    4. Wenping Luo, Weiqin Liu, Haotuo Qu, Xuemin Song. (2022). Load and Structure Response Study on Single Module Structure of VLFS with Transverse and Longitudinal Pontoon. Journal of Wuhan University of Technology (Transportation Science & Engineering), 46(01): 100-103+108. (in Chinese)
Wenping Luo | fluid- structure imteraction| Best Researcher Award

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