Prof Dr . Sangyeol Lee |human movement |Best Researcher Award

 Prof Dr .Sangyeol Lee ,Kyungsung University / Department of Physical therapy,South Korea

Dr. Sangyeol Lee is a distinguished professor in the Department of Physical Therapy at Kyungsung University in South Korea. With extensive experience in physical therapy and rehabilitation sciences, Dr. Lee has contributed significantly to both academic research and clinical practice. His work focuses on advanced therapeutic techniques, patient-centered care, and the development of innovative rehabilitation protocols. Dr. Lee is also dedicated to mentoring future leaders in physical therapy and continues to be an influential figure in the field through his research, teaching, and professional service.


Professional Profiles:


Education :

Ph.D., Department of Physical Therapy, Daegu University, Daegu, Korea (2006-2010)
I completed my doctoral studies in Physical Therapy at Daegu University, where my research focused on advanced therapeutic techniques and rehabilitation strategies.

M.S., Department of Physical Therapy, Daegu University, Daegu, Korea (2004-2006)
My master’s degree provided a solid foundation in physical therapy, emphasizing both clinical practice and research methodologies.

Professional Experience:

Professor, Kyungsung University, Busan, Korea (2012-Current)
At Kyungsung University, I have been dedicated to teaching Physical Therapy, contributing to the academic and professional development of students in the field. My tenure has allowed me to innovate teaching methods and mentor countless students.

Professor, Gimhae University, Gimhae, Korea (2010-2012)
Prior to my current position, I taught Physical Therapy at Gimhae University. This role involved curriculum development and the facilitation of practical and theoretical knowledge to aspiring physical therapists.


  • Excellent Research Achievement Recognition (2017): Awarded for outstanding contributions to research in the field of physical therapy.
  • Excellent Educational Achievement Recognition (2015): Honored for excellence in educational performance and student engagement.
  • Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award (2017): Recognized for lifetime achievements and significant contributions to the physical therapy profession

Affiliations and Certifications:

  • Editor in Chief, Korea Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Association: Leading editorial responsibilities and contributing to the development of PNF techniques in Korea.
  • Editor, Korean Society of Physical Medicine: Involved in overseeing the publication of research and advancements in physical medicine.
  • Academic Director, Korean Society of Exercise Rehabilitation: Directing academic programs and initiatives within the society.
  • Certified Physical Therapist (Korea): Licensed to practice physical therapy in Korea.
  • Certified Caregiver (Korea): Qualified to provide care and support to individuals in need.
  • Certified Living Sports Instructor (Korea): Authorized to instruct in various living sports activities.


1.Effects of 3D Postural Correction and Abdominal Muscle Contraction on the Symmetry of the Transverse Abdominis and Spinal Alignment in Patients with Idiopathic Scoliosis

2.A study on skin mobility according to joint movement: Variations in mobility according to joint motion range and correlation and influence with hydrica composition

3.Comparison among low intensity bridge exercises using suspension devices based on muscle activity and subjective difficulty

4.The effects of early-stage neurodevelopmental treatment on the growth of premature infants in neonatal intensive care unit

5.Effect of various wheelchair handle grip directions on muscle activities of upper body of assistant during movement on ascending and descending ramps

Sangyeol Lee | human movement | Best Researcher Award

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