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Assist Prof Dr .Saied Moghaddam ,University of tehran,Iran

Dr. Saied Moghaddam is an esteemed Associate Professor at the University of Tehran, Iran, renowned for his expertise in [insert area of expertise, e.g., “computer science” or “chemistry”]. With an illustrious academic background, Dr. Moghaddam earned his [insert highest degree obtained, e.g., “Ph.D.”] from [insert institution] and has since dedicated his career to advancing research and education in his field.


Professional Profiles:


Education 🎓:

  • PhD in Advanced Structural Mechanics, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China (2017.9-2023.4)
    • Major: Advanced structural mechanics, Safety assessment for ship and offshore structures, Plastic mechanics, Matrix Theory
    • Research area: Structural impact, Fracture mechanics
    • Advisor: Professor Wenyong Tang
  • Visiting PhD Student, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway (2021.1-2022.1)
    • Major: Ultimate strength of marine structures
    • Research area: Fracture mechanism, HAZ effect in welded aluminum structure
    • Advisor: Professor Jørgen Amdahl
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Theoretical Mechanics, Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, Zhenjiang, China (2013.9-2017.6)
    • Major: Theoretical mechanics, Material mechanics, Hydromechanics, Principle of ships
    • Advisor: Professor Kun Liu

Skills 💼:

  • English Skills
    • IELTS score: 7.0 (Listening 7.5; Reading 8.0; Writing 6.0; Speaking 6.0)
    • Proficiency in reading and writing research papers
  • Software Skills
    • Proficiency in finite element software such as LS-DYNA, MSC/Patran
    • Familiar with the programming language Fortran, Visual C++
    • Familiar with software such as Hypermesh, Matlab


Publications 📚 :

  1. Lu, Y, Liu, K, Wang, Z, Tang, W, & Amdahl, J. Development of ductile fracture modelling approach in ship impact simulations. Ocean engineering 2022; 252: 111173.
  2. Lu, Y, Liu, K, Wang, Z, Tang, W, & Amdahl, J. Discussions on the ductile fracture prediction of ship structures under impact loads. In Developments in the Analysis and Design of Marine Structures: Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Marine Structures 2021. Norway.
  3. Lu Y, Liu K, Wang Z, Tang W. Modelling of ductile fracture in ship structures subjected to quasi-static impact loads. International Journal of Impact Engineering, 2021: 103941.
  4. Lu Y, Liu K, Wang Z, Tang W. Dynamic behavior of scaled tubular K-joints subjected to impact loads. Marine Structures 2020; 69: 102685.
  5. Lu Y, Liu K, Wang Z, Tang W. Accuracy of material models for the dynamic behavior of K-joints under impact loads. Proceedings of the ICCGS 2019. Portugal.
  6. Kun L, Lu Y, Wang Z, Wang G. An experimental, numerical and analytical study on deformation mechanisms of web girders in a collision or grounding incident. Ships and Offshore Structures 2019;
Yue lu |failure criterion |Best Researcher Award

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