Prof. Yaguang Zhu | Compliant control| Best Researcher Award

Prof. Yaguang Zhu,Chang’an University,China

Professor Yaguang Zhu is a distinguished scholar at Chang’an University in China. He has made significant contributions to the field of transportation engineering, with a focus on road safety, intelligent transportation systems, and traffic management. Prof. Zhu has published numerous research papers in prestigious journals and has been involved in various national and international research projects. His expertise and dedication to advancing transportation engineering have earned him recognition in academic and professional circles.

Professional Profiles:

Google Scholar

Education :

  • Ph.D. in Mechatronic Engineering
    • College of Mechanical Engineering, Zhejiang University
    • September 2009 – July 2014
    • Hangzhou, China
  • Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering
    • College of Mechanical Engineering, Shandong University
    • September 2005 – July 2009
    • Jinan, China

Research Interests:

  • Legged Robots
  • Bio-inspired Control
  • Robot Navigation
  • Machine Vision
  • Embedded Systems
  • Electro-Hydraulic Control Systems


Research Projects:

Thirteenth Five-Year Plan Equipment Pre-research Field Fund,Funding: 500K RMB, 2019.01-2020.12,Role: Lead,Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities,Research on Neural Architecture and Bionic Control for Rigid-Flexible Coupled Robot System,Funding: 500K RMB, 2018.07-2021.06,Role: Lead,National Natural Science Foundation of China,Research on multiple legs omni-directional jumping and landing buffering control of a six legged robot based on behavior mechanism of salticid,Funding: 200K RMB, 2017.01-2019.12,Role: Lead


Reviewer for International Journals:

Bioinspiration & Biomimetics,Robotics and Autonomous Systems,Frontiers In Neurorobotics,Journal of Bionic Engineering,SCIENCE CHINA Information Sciences,Sensors,IEEE Journal on Miniaturization for Air and Space Systems,IEEE Access,Engineering Computations,Entropy,Adaptive Behavior,Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering,International Journal of Imaging Systems and Technology,International Journal of Robot

Editorial Boards, Memberships, and Reviewer Roles:

  • Editorial Boards:
    • International Journal of Robotic Engineering
    • Current Chinese Engineering Science
  • Memberships:
    • IEEE Member
    • International Society of Bionic Engineering Member
    • Chinese Association of Automation Member

Publications :

  1. Zhu, Y., He, X., & Guo, W. (2022). Semiclosed-loop Motion Control with Robust Weld Bead Tracking for a Spiral Seam Weld Beads Grinding Robot. Robotics and Computer-Manufacturing, 73, 102254.
  2. Zhu, Y., Zhou, S., Manoonpong, P., & Li, R. (2021). Design, Analysis, and Neural Control of a Bionic Parallel Mechanism. Frontiers of Mechanical Engineering, 16(3), 468-486.
  3. Zhu, Y., Zhang, L., & Manoonpong, P. (2020). Generic Mechanism for Waveform Regulation and Synchronization of Oscillators: An Application for Robot Behavior Diversity Generation. IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics.
  4. Guo, W., Zhu, Y., & He, X. (2020). A Robotic Grinding Motion Planning Methodology for a Novel Automatic Seam Bead Grinding Robot Manipulator. IEEE Access, 8, 75288-75302.
  5. Zhu, Y., Zhou, S., Gao, D., & Liu, Q. (2019). Synchronization of Non-linear Oscillators for Neurobiologically Inspired Control on a Bionic Parallel Waist of Legged Robot. Frontiers of Neurorobotics, 13, 59.
Yaguang Zhu | Compliant control| Best Researcher Award

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