Dr .Özlem Sabuncu |Blockchain-Driven Award |Best Researcher Award

Dr .Özlem Sabuncu ,Near East University,Turkey

Dr. Özlem Sabuncu is a respected academic affiliated with Near East University in Turkey. Specializing in [mention the field if available], Dr. Sabuncu has made significant contributions to [mention any notable achievements or areas of research]. With a passion for [mention any notable interests or focuses], Dr. Sabuncu continues to inspire both students and peers in the academic community.


Professional Profiles:


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🎓 Education and Academic Achievements:

Dr. Özlem Sabuncu, embarked on my academic journey with a Bachelor’s in Biomedical Engineering, later pursuing a Master’s in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Currently, I’m finalizing my PhD in the same field at Near East University. My research has yielded numerous publications, including 8 SCI-indexed journal articles and 4 conference articles. These efforts earned me prestigious awards such as the International Best Researcher Award and the NEU 2022 Young Researcher Award.


🔬 Areas of Specialization :

  • My expertise lies in Communication Systems and Optimization Theory, with a focus on enhancing network optimization.

🏆 Recognition and Awards:

I’ve been honored with the Best Paper Award at the IEEE International Conference on AI in Everything (AIE) – 2022, among other accolades.

💡 Contribution to Research & Development:

My work spans telecommunications, medical imaging, and blockchain technology. I’ve developed innovative solutions such as a probability distribution model for wireless body sensors and a probabilistic model for noise analysis in medical images. In telecommunications, I’ve optimized blockchain networks for various industries and proposed models for 6G communication.

🤝 Collaborations and Leadership:

I’ve organized 5 research conferences/workshops and engaged in 15 collaborative activities, showcasing my commitment to interdisciplinary research. As Deputy Chairman of the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, I contribute to curricular development and academic leadership.,Developed more than 5 web applications using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, PhP, Python, SQL.


General probability distribution model for wireless body sensors in the medical monitoring system

B Bilgehan, L Kayed, Ö Sabuncu
Biomedical Signal Processing and Control 77, 103777

Synchronization and Analysis of Chaotic Circuit with Application to Communication in the internet of things (IoT) Services

B Bilgehan, Ö Sabuncu
2022 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Everything (AIE …

Effective deep learning classification for kidney stone using axial computed tomography (CT) images

Ö Sabuncu, B Bilgehan, E Kneebone, O Mirzaei
Biomedical Engineering/Biomedizinische Technik 68 (5), 481-491

A Comparative Analysis of the Different CNN Models Using Fuzzy PROMETHEE for Classification of Kidney Stone

F Sadıkoğlu, Ö Sabuncu, B Bilgehan
International Conference on Theory and Applications of Fuzzy Systems and …

Component-Related Phase Noise Evaluation Method for the LC Oscillators

B Bilgehan, Ö Sabuncu
Circuits, Systems, and Signal Processing 43 (1), 34-53
Özlem Sabuncu |Blockchain-Driven Award |Best Researcher Award

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