Dr .Shengjie Ren | Casting Award |Best Researcher Award

Dr .Shengjie Ren ,Northwestern Polytechnical University,China

🎓 Dr. Shengjie Ren is a distinguished scholar affiliated with Northwestern Polytechnical University in China. With expertise in his field, Dr. Ren has contributed significantly to research and academia. He is known for his dedication to advancing knowledge and innovation within his area of specialization.


Professional Profiles:


Education Background 🎓:

Ph.D. in Manufacturing Engineering, Northwestern Polytechnical University, P.R. ChinaGPA: 88.89/100,Supervisor: Prof. Kun BuM.S. in Mechanical Engineering and Automation, Xi’an University of Technology, P.R. ChinaGPA: 87.4/100,Supervisor: A.P. Weichao Guo,B.S. in Mechanical Design and Manufacturing, Shaanxi University of Technology, P.R. China,GPA: 84.4/100,Graduation Design: Portable chestnut shelling machine design,


Academic Honors, Fellowships & Memberships 🏅:

First Class Academic Scholarship for Ph.D. Students,Outstanding Master Dissertation of Xi’an University of Technology (<5%),Outstanding Graduate by Department of Education of Shaanxi Province (<2%),National Second Prize of “HUAWEI Cup” The 16th China Post-Graduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling,First Class Scholarship for Master’s Degree for three consecutive years,Third Prize in the 6th Smart City Design Competition,Second Prize of National 3D Innovation Design Competition in Shaanxi Province,National Inspirational Scholarship for Undergraduate by Ministry of Education of P.R. China (<1%),Outstanding Volunteer, Advanced Individuals, Three Good Student Pacesetters, Student Leaders,Reviewer for IEEE Access, MST, IJAMT

Skills 💡:

  • Software: MATLAB, Python, Deep Learning (Pytorch), ProCAST, ANSYS (APDL), NX, HyperMesh, MAYA.
  • English: CET-6 439/710 (Speaking: B+); CET-4 429/710 (Speaking: B+)


  • [1] “Effect of constraint removal on single-crystal blade dimensions during investment casting.”
  • [2] “Control of dimensional accuracy of hollow turbine blades during investment casting.”
  • [3] “Fault diagnosis method of rolling bearing combining time-frequency analysis with deep learning.”
  • [4] “Bolt-loosening detection using 1D and 2D input data based on two-stream convolutional neural networks.”
  • [5] “Digital twin modeling for stress prediction of single-crystal turbine blades based on graph convolutional network.”
  • Patent: “A time-varying modeling approach during directional solidification and constraint removal.”
  • Patent: “A dimensional accuracy control method with variable shrinkage factor.”
Shengjie Ren | Casting Award |Best Researcher Award

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