Assoc Prof Dr .Mohamed Yacin Sikkandar | Biomedical Engineering | Best Researcher Award

Assoc Prof Dr.Mohamed Yacin Sikkandar,Majmaah University,Saudi Arabia

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohamed Yacin Sikkandar is a distinguished academic affiliated with Majmaah University. With expertise in [mention area of expertise, e.g., computer science, literature, etc.], he has made significant contributions to both research and education. Dr. Sikkandar holds the position of Associate Professor, where he actively engages in teaching, research, and academic leadership. His dedication to advancing knowledge and nurturing young minds has earned him recognition within the academic community

Professional Profiles:



Graduated from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology Madras with a Doctorate in Biomedical Engineering.Holds a Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from the same institute.Completed Bachelor’s in Instrumentation & Control Engineering from Madurai Kamaraj University, India.

Professional Experience:

Currently serves as an Associate Professor in the Department of Medical Equipment Technology at Majmaah University, Saudi Arabia.Previously held positions as Professor and Head of Department in Biomedical Engineering at Rajalakshmi Engineering College and as Assistant Professor and Head of Department in Instrumentation & Control Engineering at Sethu Institute of Technology.

Research Contributions:

Dr. Sikkandar has been actively involved in various funded research projects, focusing on areas such as finite element analysis, biomedical instrumentation, and medical imaging.Notable projects include studies on scoliotic progression, biomedical rehabilitation methods, and automatic segmentation techniques.

Professional Memberships and Awards :

Holds senior memberships in prestigious societies such as the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.Received awards including UGC Travel Grant Award and International Fellowship on Health Technology Assessment.


1.Hidden Markov Model based Predicting of Alzheimer’s Disease with graph cut segmentation using MR Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI)Sikkandar, M.Y.Begum, S.S.Algamdi, M.S., …Almutairi, A.F.Almutairi, M.S.^This link is disabled., 2024, 46(2), pp. 4277–4289

2.Sandpiper Optimization Algorithm with Region Growing Based Robust Retinal Blood Vessel Segmentation ApproachAlMohimeed, I.Sikkandar, M.Y.Mohanarathinam, A., …Karim, F.K.Mostafa, S.MThis link is disabled., 2024

3.Optimal Deep Learning-Based Recognition Model for EEG Enabled Brain-Computer Interfaces Using Motor-ImageryRajalakshmi, S.Almohimeed, I.Sikkandar, M.Y.Sabarunisha Begum, S.This link is disabled., 2023, 23(6), pp. 248–253

4.Employing Deep-Learning Approach for the Early Detection of Mild Cognitive Impairment Transitions through the Analysis of Digital Biomarkers
5.Finite Element Analysis Of Customized Knee Implants By Varying Loads During Flexion-Extension Movement
6.Computation of Vascular Parameters: Implementing Methodology and Performance Analysis
7.Numerical investigation of hemodynamic pattern in carotid artery dynamic aneurysm on bifurcation region for early clinical decision making
8.Diabetic Foot Assessment and Care: Barriers and Facilitators in a Cross-Sectional Study in Bangalore, India
Mohamed Yacin Sikkandar | Biomedical Engineering | Best Researcher Award

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