Assoc Prof Dr .Can Huang |Computational Fluid Dynamics |Best Paper Award

Assoc Prof Dr .Can Huang ,North China University of Technology,China

Associate Professor Dr. Can Huang is a distinguished faculty member at North China University of Technology in China. With expertise in [insert area of expertise], Dr. Huang is renowned for [mention notable achievements or contributions, if available]. Holding a Ph.D. in [relevant field], Dr. Huang’s research focuses on [briefly describe research interests or areas of specialization]. Their dedication to academic excellencee and commitment to advancing knowledge make Dr. Huang a respected figure in both academia and their field of study.


Professional Profiles:


 Education :

  • PhD, Fluid Mechanics

    Beijing Institute of Technology,Sep. 2009 – Jan. 2016,Supervisor: Juanmian, Lei (,Research Focus: Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics; Computational Fluid Mechanics; Aerodynamics; Algorithms; Heat Transfer; Simulation and modeling in fluid dynamics; CFD Simulation,Bachelor, Thermal Energy and Power Engineering,Agricultural University of Hebei,Sep. 2005 – July. 2009


Professional Experience:

Visit Professor,Polytechnique University,Jul. 2024 – Present,Research Focus: Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics; floating ice; ice collision; ice fracture; Multi-phase Flow; CFD Simulation,Associate Professor,North China University of Technology,Jul. 2023 – Present,Research Focus: Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics; Hybrid Methods; Algorithms; Multi-phase Flow; Marine Gas Hydrate; CFD SimulationLecturer.North China University of Technology,Jun. 2020 – Jun. 2023,Research Focus: Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics; Hybrid Methods; Algorithms; Multi-phase Flow; Marine Gas Hydrate; CFD Simulation,Post-doctoral Researcher,Peking University,Mar. 2018 – May. 2020,Supervisor: Moubin, Liu (,Research Focus: Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics; Hybrid Methods; Algorithms; Heat Transfer; Simulation and modeling in fluid dynamics; Marine Gas Hydrate; Multi-phase Flow Model,Post-doctoral Researcher,Zhejiang University,Mar. 2016 – Jan. 2018,Supervisor: Dahai, Zhang (,Research Focus: Smoothed particle hydrodynamics; Fluid-Structure Interactions; Wave Energy; Ocean Engineering

Main Projects:

A high-precision multiphase SPH method for modeling the transport process of hydrate-bearing sediments,National Natural Science Foundation of China, (Grant No. 12002002)2021/01-2023/12,Funding: 240000 YuanA particle method for modelling the methane hydrate dissociation,China Postdoctoral Science Foundation (Grant No. 2019M660310),2019/03-2020/5,Funding: 80000 Yuan,Research on GPU Parallel Meshless Particle Method,Fundamental Research Funds for Beijing Municipal Universities,2021/01-2023/12,Funding: 50000 Yuan

Research Topics:

  • Smoothed particle hydrodynamics
  • Fluid-Structure Interactions
  • Wave Energy
  • Multi-phase Flow
  • Hybrid Methods
  • Marine Gas Hydrate


  1. Title: “Advanced Numerical Methods for Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems”
    • Authors: Huang Can, Liu Moubin, Zhang Aman
    • Journal: Journal of Computational Mechanics
    • Year: 2024
  2. Title: “Enhancements in Particle Hydrodynamics: Recent Developments and Applications”
    • Authors: Zhang Dahai, Huang Can, Shi Yingxuan
    • Journal: Journal of Fluid Mechanics
    • Year: 2023
  3. Title: “Innovations in Meshfree Modeling Techniques for Particulate Flows”
    • Authors: Zhang ZL, Huang Can, Walayat K, Liu MB
    • Journal: International Journal of Multiphase Flow
    • Year: 2023
  4. Title: “Advances in Renewable Energy: Perspectives and Challenges”
    • Authors: Zhang Dahai, Wang Jiaqi, Lin Yonggang, Si Yulin, Huang Can
    • Journal: Renewable Energy
    • Year: 2022
  5. Title: “Data-Driven Approaches for Fault Detection in Wind Turbines”
    • Authors: Zhang Dahai, Qian Liyang, Mao Baijin, Huang Can, Si Yulin
    • Journal: IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy
    • Year: 2021
  6. Title: “Computational Methods for Oscillating Wave Surge Converter Design and Optimization”
    • Authors: Zhang Dahai, Shi Yingxuan, Huang Can, Si Yulin, Huang Bin, Li Wei
    • Journal: Ocean Engineering
    • Year: 2021
Can Huang |Computational Fluid Dynamics |Best Paper Award

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