Dr .Chang Su |computer application|Best Researcher Award

 Dr .Chang Su ,Ocean University of China,China

Dr. Chang Su is a distinguished researcher and academic hailing from Ocean University of China, China. With expertise in marine science, Dr. Su’s work encompasses a broad spectrum of topics within the field. His research interests include oceanography, marine biology, and environmental conservation. Dr. Su has made significant contributions to the understanding of marine ecosystems and their sustainability. He is highly regarded for his innovative approaches and commitment to advancing knowledge in the realm of ocean studies.


Professional Profiles:


 Education :

Chang Su, born on September 1, 1995, pursued his academic journey at the Ocean University of China, Qingdao, where he specialized in Information Science and Engineering. Currently, he is diligently working towards his Ph.D. degree in Computer Applications, demonstrating a keen interest in cutting-edge technological advancements.

Research Focus:

His research endeavors primarily revolve around the realms of intelligent manufacturing, digital twin technology, and virtual reality. With a profound focus on these areas, Chang Su is dedicated to exploring innovative solutions that can revolutionize industrial processes and enhance productivity.

Professional Accomplishments:

Chang Su has showcased remarkable expertise in his professional journey. Notably, he actively contributed to the National Key R&D Program of China, operating under the project code “2020YFB1710401.” His collaboration with the esteemed South China Aero Engine Factory 331 on the manufacturing of aircraft engine casings and blades provided invaluable insights into intelligent manufacturing techniques. This experience not only enriched his understanding of the field but also paved the way for his promising career trajectory.

Conference Participation:

Chang Su’s dedication to academic and professional growth is evident through his active participation in renowned conferences. He attended the IEICE conference and the HCII 2020, where he presented and published a manuscript, further solidifying his contributions to the academic community and showcasing his research findings to a wider audience.


1.Zinc-mineralized diatom biosilica/hydroxybutyl chitosan composite hydrogel for diabetic chronic wound healing

2.One-pot reaction for the preparation of diatom hemostatic particles with effective hemostasis and economic benefits

3.The hierarchical porous structures of diatom biosilica-based hemostat: From selective adsorption to rapid hemostasis

4.Diatom-Inspired Bionic Hydrophilic Polysaccharide Adhesive for Rapid Sealing Hemostasis

5.PEG-mediated hybrid hemostatic gauze with in-situ growth and tightly-bound mesoporous silicon

6.Enhanced mechanical properties of hydroxybutyl chitosan hydrogel through anchoring interface effects of diatom biosilica

Chang Su |computer application|Best Researcher Award

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