Dr.Jiwei Zhou | Immersive Visualization Award | Best Researcher Award

Dr.Jiwei Zhou ,Heliponix, LLC, United States

Dr. Jiwei Zhou is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Heliponix, LLC, based in the United States. With a background in engineering and a passion for sustainable agriculture, Dr. Zhou has dedicated his career to developing innovative solutions for food production. At Heliponix, he spearheads the development of cutting-edge technologies aimed at revolutionizing indoor farming and promoting food sustainability. Dr. Zhou’s expertise lies in hydroponics, robotics, and automation, driving forward Heliponix’s mission to make fresh, healthy produce

Professional Profiles:

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Purdue University, West Lafayette, INPh.D. in TechnologyShanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, ChinaM.Eng. in Software EngineeringZhuhai College of Jilin University, Guangdong, ChinaB.E. in Mechanical Design & Manufacture and Automation

Research interests :

Investigating Advanced Smart Vision SystemsFocusing on vision systems robust enough to measure high-dimensional standard manufactured objects. Aiming to enhance accuracy and efficiency in manufacturing processes, making them more cost-effective and efficient for realizing model-based enterprise (MBE) processes.Examining the Impact of Modern Technologies on Manufacturing PracticesExploring the role of immersive visualization technologies and model-based definition (MBD) in revolutionizing current manufacturing paradigms.

Professional Experience:

Heliponix LLC, Evansville, INComputer Vision Scientist (June 2023 – Present)Expanded and developed components of our advanced vision system.Developed and optimized machine learning and deep learning algorithms, influencing the design of computer vision hardware and software.Digital Enterprise Center, Purdue University, West Lafayette, INGraduate Research AssistantDrug Plastics – Model-based Metrology Project (August 2019 – May 2023, September 2021 – May 2023)Applied Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software and 3D printing technology to design and print an innovative camera measuring stand.Utilized Computer Vision techniques (OpenCV-Python and Convolutional Neural Networks) todevelop a more efficient process for measuring critical bottle parameters.


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  2. Zhou, J., & Hartman, N. W. (2024). A Model-Based Visual Inspection System (MBVIS) for Critical Plastic Bottle Dimensional Measurements. Computer-Aided Design & Applications, 21(2), 2024, 270-280.
  3. Zhou, J., & Hartman, N. W. (2023, July). A Framework for Model-Based Visual Inspection: A Case Study of Bottle Dimensional Measurements in the Plastics Industry. In 2023 CAD Conference and Exposition, 74-79.
  4. Zhou, J., & Hartman, N. W. (2023, August). Development and Evaluation of a Vision Inspection System for Plastic Bottle Measurement. In 10th International Conference on Mechanics, Materials and Manufacturing (In press).
  5. Zhou, J., Camba, J. D., Hartman, N. W., & Li, Z. (2022, June). An Approach to Extend the Digital Thread From Requirements to Model Geometry. In International Manufacturing Science and Engineering Conference (Vol. 85802, p. V001T03A001). American Society of Mechanical Engineers.
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  7. Zhou, J., Camba, J. D., & Fuerst, T. (2021). A Comparative Study on the Use and Interpretation of Annotated 3D Models. In 2021 IFIP International Conference on Product Lifecycle Management
Jiwei Zhou | Immersive Visualization Award | Best Researcher Award

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