Embark on a journey of technological innovation and excellence in the world of Computer-Aided Design (CAD) with the CAD Technology Breakthrough Award. This prestigious accolade celebrates individuals and teams who have made groundbreaking advancements, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of CAD.


The CAD Technology Breakthrough Award is open to innovators, engineers, designers, and visionaries globally who have demonstrated exceptional creativity and made significant contributions to CAD technology.

Age Limits:

No age restrictions apply. This award seeks to recognize breakthrough contributions at any stage of one’s career, fostering an inclusive environment for innovation.


Open to individuals or teams with a proven track record of CAD technology breakthroughs, showcasing creativity, vision, and a commitment to advancing the capabilities of CAD.

Publications and Requirements:

Applicants should submit a portfolio showcasing their CAD technology breakthroughs, including publications, projects, and any relevant documents that highlight the impact of their innovations.

Evaluation Criteria:

Entries will be assessed based on the creativity, originality, and transformative nature of the CAD technology breakthrough, as well as its broader impact on the industry.

Submission Guidelines:

Submit a comprehensive portfolio, including a biography, abstract, supporting files, and relevant documents that showcase your breakthrough contributions to CAD technology.


Recipients of the CAD Technology Breakthrough Award will receive public recognition, a distinguished trophy, and an opportunity to share their insights at key industry events.

Community Impact:

This award aims to highlight breakthroughs that not only transform CAD technology but also inspire and influence the broader CAD community, driving positive change.


Provide a brief biography outlining your professional journey, achievements, and your role in advancing CAD technology through breakthrough innovations.

Abstract and Supporting Files:

Include a concise abstract summarizing your CAD technology breakthrough and supporting files that demonstrate the significance and impact of your work.

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Introduction of CAD Technology Breakthrough Award

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