Embark on a journey of innovation and discovery with the CAD Technology Breakthrough Award. This distinguished accolade recognizes pioneers who have propelled the field of Computer-Aided Design (CAD) forward by introducing groundbreaking technologies and methodologies that redefine the possibilities of digital design.


The CAD Technology Breakthrough Award is open to engineers, researchers, and visionaries who have demonstrated exceptional ingenuity in the development and application of cutting-edge CAD technologies. Eligible candidates may include those who have introduced revolutionary tools, processes, or methodologies that have significantly advanced the capabilities of CAD systems.

Age Limits:

No age restrictions apply. This award welcomes entries from seasoned professionals and emerging talents, acknowledging that breakthrough contributions to CAD technology can emerge at any career stage.


Open to individuals with a proven track record of spearheading CAD technology breakthroughs. Qualifying candidates should showcase their ability to push boundaries, introduce transformative technologies, and fundamentally enhance the overall landscape of CAD design.

Publications and Requirements:

Applicants should submit a comprehensive portfolio highlighting their key contributions to CAD technology breakthroughs, including publications, technical documentation, and any relevant materials that showcase the impact of their work on advancing CAD technologies.

Evaluation Criteria:

Entries will be evaluated based on the candidate’s breakthrough contributions to CAD technology, innovation, and the overall impact of their work on reshaping the digital design and engineering landscape.

Submission Guidelines:

Submit a detailed portfolio, including a biography, abstract, supporting files, and relevant documents that illustrate the innovative nature and impact of your contributions to CAD technology breakthroughs.


Recipients of the CAD Technology Breakthrough Award will receive public recognition, a distinguished trophy, and the opportunity to showcase their achievements at key industry events.

Community Impact:

This award aims to recognize individuals whose CAD technology breakthroughs have not only transformed the capabilities of CAD systems but have also positively influenced and inspired the broader engineering and technology communities.


Provide a brief biography outlining your journey in CAD technology breakthroughs, key achievements, and your role as a leader in advancing the field through pioneering innovations.

Abstract and Supporting Files:

Include a concise abstract summarizing the innovative nature and impact of your CAD technology breakthrough contributions and supporting files that demonstrate the significance and success of your work.

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