Mr . Zehao Wang| Solid mechanics| Best Researcher Award

Mr.Zehao Wang ,Dalian university of Technology,China

Mr. Zehao Wang is a distinguished scholar at Dalian University of Technology, China. He specializes in [insert specialization/department, if known], contributing significantly to both academic research and teaching. Mr. Wang has a robust portfolio of published works in esteemed journals and actively participates in academic conferences and collaborative research projects. His dedication to advancing knowledge in his field and mentoring students makes him a valuable asset to the university.



Professional Profiles:


Education :

  • Major: English
  • Current Academic Standing:
  • In-class performance/programming/computer/English major score ranking: 20/144 (13.9%)

Research Focus:

Dr. Orak’s research is centered on sustainable chemical processes, particularly wastewater treatment and energy generation using photocatalytic methods. She has worked on managing boron in geothermal fluids, valorizing wastewater for hydrogen production, and developing hybrid photocatalytic fuel cells for simultaneous wastewater treatment and energy generation. Her interdisciplinary approach leverages advanced materials and innovative catalytic systems to address critical environmental issues.


  • Programming: Basic mastery of C++ and C language programming skills.
  • Software: SPSS, EVIEWS, ANSYS (Icepak), numerical analysis software.
  • Certification: National Computer Certificate II.
  • Languages: English proficiency (CET4: 592, CET6: 473).

Scientific Research:

  • Timely completion of school and tutor-assigned tasks.
  • Active engagement in scientific research projects to enhance research capabilities.

Awards and Achievements:

  • 2017.9: Third Prize, Liaoning Youth Information Olympiad
    • Mastery in C++ and C language programming.
  • 2017.10: Utility Model Invention Patent
    • Developed a feeding equipment for bamboo and wood furniture making.
  • 2018.11: Mathorcup Mathematical Modeling Challenge – Provincial Third Prize
    • Led a team to use SPSS for analyzing factory purchase volumes.
  • 2019.11: APMCM Asia Pacific Mathematical Modeling Competition – Provincial Second Prize
    • Led a team to use EVIEWS to predict the impact of the US presidential election on GDP.
  • 2020.4: Mathorcup Mathematical Modeling Challenge
    • Used Icepak plug-in in ANSYS for server heat dissipation simulation.
  • 2020.6: Internet+ Competition – School Level First Prize
    • Proposed a cloud-based lightweight medical image analysis system.
  • 2020.7: Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Competition
    • School Level First Prize, National Level Third Prize
    • Developed a three-dimensional model of an aerial bionic jellyfish robot with high endurance and low energy consumption.

Publications :

Cross-modal information balance-aware reasoning network for image-text retrieval

KARN: Knowledge Augmented Reasoning Network for Question Answering

Parallel Interactive Attention Network for Joint Entity and Relation Extraction Based on Chinese Electronic Medical Record | 基于平行交互注意力网络的中文电子病历实体及关系联合抽取

Dual Interactive Attention Network for Joint Entity and Relation Extraction

Zehao Wang| Solid mechanics| Best Researcher Award

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