Prof Dr.Palle Jorgensen | operational research Award | Best Researcher Award

Prof Dr.PalleJorgensen,University of Iowa,United States

Dr. Palle Jorgensen is a distinguished professor at the University of Iowa in the United States. Renowned for his expertise in mathematics, particularly in the field of functional analysis and operator theory, Dr. Jorgensen has made significant contributions to various areas of mathematics throughout his career. He has authored numerous research papers and books, providing valuable insights and advancements in his field. Dr. Jorgensen’s work is highly regarded by his peers and has earned him international recognition. As an educator, he is known for his passion for teaching and mentorship, inspiring countless students and researchers in the pursuit of mathematical knowledge.

Professional Profiles:


Professional and Academic Positions :

  • 1983-Present: Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Iowa (NSF grants, Jorgensen, PI)
  • 1982-84: Visiting Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Pennsylvania (on leave from Aarhus first year, and from Iowa second year; NSF grant, R.V. Kadison, PI)
  • 1980-82: Associate Professor, Mathematics Institute, Aarhus University, Denmark, on leave from Stanford the first year (Danish Research Council grants)
  • 1977-80: Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, Stanford University (NSF grant, Jorgensen, PI)
  • 1973-77: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Pennsylvania, support from the Danish Natural Science Research Council; partial support from the NSF, Grant MCS 77-02831, 1977, under R.V. Kadison, PI

Fellowships and Memberships:

  • Elected Fellow of the AMS
  • Memberships in Amer Math Soc, the New York Academy of Science, the Danish Academy of Science


Research Focus:

  • Stochastic analysis, approximations and expansions, wavelets, harmonic analysis, machine learning
  • Areas of Mathematics utilized in physics and engineering, including signal and image processing, time-frequency analysis, wavelet representations, and algorithms, and bit-quantization

Synergistic Activities:

  • Directed research of several VIGRE graduate students
  • Editor of several top journals in applied mathematics
  • Mentorship of undergraduate research students and postdocs

Selected Talks:

  • Main speaker in the NSF-funded Spring Mini Courses – LSU Math Department 2018
  • Featured speaker in the CBMS 2018 at Iowa State University


  1. Operator theory and analysis of infinite networks—theory and applications” (book)
  2. “Continuum versus discrete networks, graph Laplacians, and reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces.” – J. Math. Anal. Appl.
  3. “Substitution-dynamics and invariant measures for infinite alphabet-path space.” – Adv. in Appl. Math.
  4. “Markov chains and generalized wavelet multiresolutions.” – J. Anal.
  5. “Infinite weighted graphs with bounded resistance metric.” – Math. Scand.
  6. “10 lectures CBMS; Harmonic analysis: Smooth and non-smooth.” – CBMS Regional Conference Series in Mathematics
  7. “Discrete reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces: sampling and distribution of Dirac-masses.” – J. Mach. Learn. Res.
Palle Jorgensen | operational research Award | Best Researcher Award

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