Mr .Nega Jibat | Quality control Award |Best Researcher Award

Mr .Nega Jibat ,Jimma University,Ethiopia

Mr. Nega Jibat is a distinguished figure in the academic community, currently associated with Jimma University in Ethiopia. With a passion for [insert relevant field or interest], Mr. Jibat has made significant contributions to [mention any notable contributions or achievements]. His expertise and dedication have not only enriched the academic landscape but also inspired countless individuals in their pursuit of knowledge and excellence.


Professional Profiles:


Education and Academic Affiliation:

Nega Jibat holds the position of Associate Professor of Sociology and Criminology at Jimma University. He has contributed significantly to the fields of sociology and criminology through his research endeavors.

Research Interests:

His research interests span various critical areas including health and well-being, vulnerability, road safety, criminal behavior, gender relations, reproductive lives, and social policy. Nega Jibat has authored approximately 50 articles, showcasing his dedication to advancing knowledge in these domains.

Project Leadership and Collaborations:

Nega Jibat has played pivotal roles in numerous externally funded projects, particularly in international North-South partnerships. Notably, he led a team in drafting the establishment document for the Research Center for Road and Transport Safety at Jimma University, the sole university-based institution dedicated to road safety in Ethiopia.

Mega Research Endeavors:

One of Nega Jibat’s significant achievements includes leading a large-scale research project titled “Risk factors, consequences and interventions of road traffic accidents in Ethiopia.” This project addresses critical issues surrounding road safety in the country, aiming to inform evidence-based interventions.

Current Initiatives:

Currently, Nega Jibat is actively involved in ongoing road safety projects. One notable endeavor involves evaluating existing road safety data management practices and developing a digital information management system. Additionally, he aims to apply artificial intelligence techniques to analyze road safety data effectively.


  1. Mapping Evidence on Road Safety Information Management Systems in Sub-Saharan Africa: Scoping Review Protocol (Amme et al. 2024)
  2. School-Based Road Safety Education: Global Experiences and Their Implications for Ethiopia (Ferede, T. Jibat, N. and Tilahun, G. 2023)
  3. A Call for Effective Leadership System Addressing Road Safety Risk factors to Save Lives and Property Losses in Ethiopia: A Thematic Analysis (Bogale, M., Jibat, N. and Tilahun, G. 2023)
  4. Risk factors and implications of road traffic accidents in Oromia Special Zone Surrounding Finfinnee, Ethiopia (Shiferaw, Y., Gemechu, D. and Jibat, N. 2020)
Nega Jibat | Quality control Award |Best Researcher Award

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