Dr .Maedeh Abedini Bagha | Network of computer Award |Best Researcher Award

Dr. Maedeh Abedini Bagha is a distinguished academic affiliated with the Islamic Azad University in Iran. Specializing in [insert field of specialization], Dr. Abedini Bagha has made significant contributions to the academic community through her research, publications, and teaching. With a passion for [mention any notable areas of interest], she is dedicated to advancing knowledge and fostering intellectual growth among her students and peers. Dr. Abedini Bagha’s expertise and commitment to excellence make her an invaluable asset to both her institution and the broader academic community.


Professional Profiles:


Academic Background:

Certificate of Reviewing:

  • Computer Communications Journal
  • Digital Communications and Networks Journal
  • Optic Journal
  • Results in Control and Optimization Journal

Current Position:

Lecturer (part-time) at Islamic Azad University, East Azarbayjan

  • Teaching Courses: Basics of Computer and Programming, Operating Systems, and Computer Workshop


  1. ELA-RCP: An Energy-Efficient and Load Balanced Algorithm for Reliable Controller Placement in Software-Defined Networks
    • Published in the Journal of Network and Computer Applications, 2024
  2. Dental Caries Detection on Tooth X-ray Images by Deep Learning
    • Presented at The Third International Conference on New Researches and Achievements in Science, Engineering, and New Technologies, 2023
  3. Optimization of Energy Consumption in Cloud Video Surveillance Centre Based on Monitoring and Placement of Virtual Machines
    • Published in the International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology, Vol. 70, No. 2, 2022
  4. Improving Delay in SDNs by Metaheuristic Controller Placement
    • Published in the International Journal of Industrial Electronics Control & Optimization, 5(3), 2022
  5. New Approach for Web Page Classification Based on URL and Semantic Analysis
  6. A New Energy-Saving Architecture for Wireless Body Sensor Networks with Tree-Based Genetic Algorithm
    • Published in the Journal of Engineering Technology, 7(1), 2016c
Maedeh Abedini Bagha | Network of computer Award |Best Researcher Award

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