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Dr. Saima Faisal : Neuro Intervention

Congratulations, Dr. Saima Faisal , on winning the esteemed Best Researcher Award from Sciencefather !

Your dedication, innovative research, and scholarly contributions have truly made a significant impact in your field. Your commitment to advancing knowledge and pushing the boundaries of research is commendable. Here’s to your continued success in shaping the future of academia and making invaluable contributions to your field. Well done!

Dr. Saima Faisal , a distinguished academic and researcher in the field of Neuro Intervention, holds a PhD in ,Fatima Jinnah Medical University, His academic journey has been marked by a profound dedication to advancing Neuro Intervention, specifically in Neuro Intervention and its integration into CAD and Mechanical Engineering applications.

Professional Profiles:


  • 2000     Fatima Jinnah Medical University, MBBS
  • 2017     University of Lahore, DMRD Diploma in Medical Radio Diagnosis
  • 2018     SiriRaj Hospital Mahidol University, 3 week technical training and vocational experience of neuro intervention as a research fellow.
  • 2019     Pierre Lasjaunias Neurovascular Education Team Conference Exam, Equivalent to a masters     in Neuro Vascular Intervention issued by University of Toronto and Toronto Western Hospital
  • 2020 Fellowship in Acute Ischemic Stroke,Neuroendovascular & Spine Interventional Radiology in collaboration with MENA-SINO, 19 August, 2019 to 18 August, 2020, Alexanderia University, Cairo, Egypt
  • 2023 European Diploma in Ischemic Stroke Intervention (EDSI) issued by ESMINT and EBNI (2022- 2023)

Publications all top Notes: 

  • Saima Ahmad, Moeez Uddin, “Peripheral Arteriovenous Malformation Embolization Using Squid”, Case Reports in Vascular Medicine, vol. 2023, Article ID 8858656, 8 pages, 2023.
  • Nguyen, T. N., Qureshi, M. M., Klein, P., Yamagami, H., Mikulik, R., Czlonkowska, A., Abdalkader, M., Sedova, P., Sathya, A., Lo, H. C., Mansour, O. Y., Vanguru, H. R., Lesaine, E., Tsivgoulis, G., Loochtan, A. I., Demeestere, J., Uchino, K., Inoa, V., Goyal, N., Charidimou, A., … Nogueira, R. G. (2022). Global Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Stroke Volumes and Cerebrovascular Events: One-Year Follow-up. Neurology,
  • SVIN COVID-19 Global SAH Registry (2022). Global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on subarachnoid haemorrhagehospitalisations, aneurysm treatment and in-hospital mortality: 1-year follow-up. Journal of neurology, neurosurgery, and psychiatry, jnnp-2022-329200. Advance online publication.
  • Ahmad, S., RoomanaAkhlaque, Moeez Uddin, Umair Rashid, AnchaleeChurojana, & Muhammad Aslam Khan. (2022). Multidisciplinary Approach Is A Way To Go For Treatment Of High Flow Head And Neck Arteriovenous Malformations: Multidisciplinary Approach in Head and Neck AVMs. Journal Of Cardiovascular, Neurovascular
  • Farooq, A., Ahmed, S., &Wasay, M. (2022). Acute Stroke Care in Pakistan. Journal of the College of Physicians and Surgeons–Pakistan


Dr. Saima Faisal| Neuro Intervention

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