Dr .Elham Mirkoohi | additive Manufacturing Award |Best Researcher Award Dr.Elham Mirkoohi,Auburn University,United States Dr. Elham Mirkoohi is a distinguished faculty member at Auburn University, situated in the United States.
 Mr.Thomas Kraft | Thermal solar field Award | Excellence in Innovation   Mr. Thomas Kraft,Fraunhofer- Institut for Solar Energy Systems ISE, Germany Thomas Kraft is a leading researcher in the
Prof Dr .Solidônio Rodrigues de Carvalho | Waste to Energy Award |Best Researcher Award prof dr.solidonio rodrigues de carvalho,Universidade Federal de Uberlândia,Brazil Professor Dr. Solidonio Rodrigues de Carvalho is a
Dr .Maedeh Abedini Bagha | Network of computer Award |Best Researcher Award Dr. Maedeh Abedini Bagha is a distinguished academic affiliated with the Islamic Azad University in Iran. Specializing in
Dr .Yuting Huang |Computer technology Award |Best Scholar Award Dr .Yuting Huang ,Hunan University,China Dr. Yuting Huang is a prominent academic figure affiliated with Hunan University in China. Specializing in
Prof .Guangcai Gong |Energy conservation Award | Best Researcher Award Prof .Guangcai Gong ,Hunan University,China Guangcai Gong is indeed a professor at Hunan University in China. However, it's important to
 Dr.Rui Zhang | computation mechanics Award |Young Scientist Award Dr.RuiZhang, Aalto University,Finland Dr. Rui Zhang is a distinguished researcher and academician affiliated with Aalto University in Finland. Specializing in [insert
Prof Dr.Palle Jorgensen | operational research Award | Best Researcher Award Prof Dr.PalleJorgensen,University of Iowa,United States Dr. Palle Jorgensen is a distinguished professor at the University of Iowa in the
Prof.Jose Pinto Duarte | Manufacturing processes Award | Excellence in Research Prof.Jose Pinto Duarte,Penn State,United States Dr. José Pinto Duarte is a distinguished academic and researcher, currently serving as a
Prof.Burak Bal | machine design Award | Young Scientist Award Prof.Burak Bal,Abdullah Gul University,Turkey As of my last update in January 2022, I don't have specific information about Prof. Burak

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