Prof Dr. Hassan Ibrahim | Textile engineering| Best Researcher Award Prof Dr. Hassan Ibrahim ,National Research Center,Egypt Prof. Dr. Hassan Ibrahim is a distinguished scientist affiliated with the National Research
Prof. Yaguang Zhu | Compliant control| Best Researcher Award Prof. Yaguang Zhu,Chang'an University,China Professor Yaguang Zhu is a distinguished scholar at Chang'an University in China. He has made significant contributions
Assoc Prof Dr . Tzu-Chi Chan | Computer aided machine design | Best Researcher Award Assoc Prof Dr.Tzu-Chi Chan ,National Formosa University,Taiwan Dr. Tzu-Chi Chan is an Associate Professor at
Dr . Xiangyang Chen | The fuel cell | Best Researcher Award Dr.Xiangyang Chen ,Guangdong University of Technology,China Dr. Xiangyang Chen is a distinguished professor at Guangdong University of Technology in
Prof . Joseph Nissan | Tel-Aviv university | Excellence in Research Prof.Joseph Nissan ,Tel-Aviv university,Israel Professor Joseph Nissan is a distinguished faculty member at Tel Aviv University in Israel. He
Dr . Qi Liu| Machining and control| Best Researcher Award Dr.Qi Liu ,Wuhan university of technology,China Dr. Qi Liu is a distinguished professor at the Wuhan University of Technology in
Dr. Anan Abu Rmilah | Cardiology| Best Researcher Award Dr. Anan Abu Rmilah ,Magnolia Regional Health Center,United States Dr. Anan Abu Rmilah is a distinguished physician at Magnolia Regional Health
Assist Prof Dr . salma ommi | seismology| Best Researcher Award Assist Prof Dr . salma ommi ,Shahid Beheshti University, Iran Dr. Salma Ommi is an esteemed Assistant Professor at
Mr . Zehao Wang| Solid mechanics| Best Researcher Award Mr.Zehao Wang ,Dalian university of Technology,China Mr. Zehao Wang is a distinguished scholar at Dalian University of Technology, China. He specializes
Assist Prof Dr . Ceren Orak | Hydrogen production| Best Researcher Award Assist Prof Dr.Ceren Orak ,Sivas University of Science and Technology,Turkey Dr. Ceren Orak is an Assistant Professor at


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